Free Website Development Agreement

This is a Proof of Agreement for Free Website Easter Offer

1. Services Provided:

  • Company agrees to provide Client with a free website development service as part of the Easter Giveaway promotion.
  • The website will include the following features:   
  1. Customizable homepage design
  2. Contact form integration
  3. Mobile-responsive design
  4. SEO-friendly structure
  5. Basic Payment gateway integration
  • Additional features such as color changes and font adjustments will be provided at no extra cost. However, additional functionality features may incur charges.

2. Client Responsibilities:

  • Client will be responsible for purchasing their own domain and hosting.
  • Client agrees to give a shoutout to Company on their social media platforms upon receiving the website, tagging Company for reposting purposes.

3. Maintenance:

  • Company will not provide ongoing maintenance services. Client will be provided with guidance on how to manage and update their website independently.

4. Agreement:

By signing below, Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.